Yixing Zisha

Clay, Provenance, Shape, and Processing

These are some of the characteristics of a Yixing Zisha that will last you a lifetime and reward your investment in tea through its seasoned taste.  For the last couple of years, we have spent a lot of time researching classic teapots made with quality clay, that are completely handmade by established artists, and shaped specifically for making tea.  The quality and provenance of the clay help define the tea's taste and is paramount when choosing a Yixing Zisha as it will absorb the flavor of the tea and further enhance it over time.  Handmade teapots made by experienced teapot masters carry very high regard because they are not made on the wheel but slab built with a very specific density and weight which help distribute the correct amount of heat while brewing, unlocking some of the special taste components and only a highly skilled artist can achieve a finished piece through intense firing.  The shape, size, and details not only create the perfect water to tea ratio but lends a sophisticated aesthetic to the overall experience.  We have chosen a wonderful combination of shapes, sizes, and tints so that you can find the perfect teapot and enjoy making tea with it for many years to come.