Masaaki Kobashi

Bizen is one of the oldest ceramic regions in Japan, renowned for its rustic Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Its distinct feature is the natural effect of high temperature (reaching up to 1300°C) wood-fired stoneware. The amount of time and dense wood required for this process is immense; most artists will only fire 1-2 times per year. Masaaki Kobashi specializes in making Bizen teapots, a rarity in this region. His skill and commitment to the craft have yielded an exceptional teapot with stunning ash and fire-scorching details that showcase the long history of Bizen.

Masaaki Kobashi has masterfully harnessed the power of fire to create an array of Japanese side-handle kyusu and Chinese classic teapots, each with an exquisite blending of Bizen techniques such as Hidasuki straw markings, Sangiri colors, Goma sesame-like glaze, Aobizen blue, and Haikaburi melted ash. Bizen is renowned for its difficult-to-master iron-rich clay, which yields remarkable hardness in its pottery, all while possessing a high shrinkage rate. His teapots are imbued with an ethereal quality, inviting admirers to appreciate their sublime beauty.