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      Seikado Metalware

      "In this day and age the world is overflowing with “things.” Being surrounded by so much, we start to forget the importance and value of the truly special objects and indiscriminately want to eliminate everything. But in the background of these “special things,” there is hidden culture, tradition, art, technology, as well as the hearts of many people who have been involved. Not only do we take care to create products of high quality, we value those hidden aspects and do our best to convey them."
      - Yamanaka Junpei 7th Generation Master

      Seikado is a metalsmith studio established in the heart of Kyoto in 1838.  The current master is the 7th generation to lead this amazing brand into the present day.  The craftsman work with pewter, silver, copper, and brass alloys to create beautifully sophisticated tea utensils, sake ware, dinnerware, and traditional kimono accessories.  Their minimal design showcases the beauty of the material and the incredible skill to create such intricately detailed pieces.  They are technically perfect and of the absolute highest quality.