Tea Dealers Sparkling Tea

Tea Dealers Sparkling Teas was inspired by our teahouse in the East Village, where we would create unique experimental beverages for our guests using premium teas. The positive feedback we received encouraged us to explore how we could capture the essence of our classic, single-farm, single-cultivar teas and carbonate them. Using state-of-the-art extraction techniques that only utilize water, we are able to finely tune each tea's flavor and aroma and preserve them naturally. This process produces the only pure, premium carbonated tea so flavorful that it contains no fruit juices, coloring, or sugars.

Tea Dealers Sparkling Tea is made with naturally grown tea and processed using traditional craftsmanship to bring out each region's and culture's authentic flavors.  We work only with agriculturally conscious farms, and our relationships directly support their communities.  We care deeply about the people behind tea cultivation and thus never alter, dilute, sweeten, or add flavorings to their hard work.  


Now available at select restaurants and for in-store pick up at our NYC tea shop.