Our Tea Journey 

Founded in 2015 by Shin Won Yoon and Stefen Ramirez, Tea Dealers is a tea company based in New York City. With a focus on sourcing premium teas directly from small farmers in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and India, we offer a unique and luxurious selection. Our love for tea has taken us around the globe in search of traditionally crafted blends and exquisite handmade teaware and ceramics.
Visit our East Village store to purchase our teas, view our stunning teapot collection, and have all your tea inquiries answered by our knowledgeable team.



Pure, Natural Tea

Our goal has always been to offer pure, high-quality teas without any added flavorings or aromas. We deeply respect the individuals who cultivate tea, and we maintain the integrity of their creations by not altering, processing, or blending them. Through extensive research, we seek out like-minded individuals who appreciate the art and simplicity of a single cultivar. We invite you to explore and experience the diverse range of flavors that can be achieved through expertly processed tea. Our farmers use traditional, pesticide-free farming methods and only use natural fertilizers when necessary.