Tea Dealers Collection Tea Set

The first step to brewing a perfect cup of tea starts with your everyday teaware and consistency is the secret ingredient. When you have teaware that is the correct size, shape, and proportionate to each other, you can consistently make tea well.  An excellent tea set can transform your daily ritual into an effortless meditative process.  Each time you make your favorite tea, you will learn more about its taste and character and slowly become sensitive to subtle changes in your technique, timing, and mood. This will make your everyday tea experience even more rewarding when paired with our teas.  

At the end of 2019, we began to design our teaware collection to meet our requirements for an elegant, sturdy, and perfectly functional set.  We designed our tea set to be used for any type of tea and to be equally appealing to those with discerning tastes.  Every detail has been intentionally calibrated to allow you to enjoy tea to its fullest potential.  We considered some of the most important aspects of great teaware, such as the material density and weight, capacity, and liquid flow rate.  Tea Dealers Collections Set results from decades of tea tasting and is suitable for beginners and professionals.  This is the core selection of teaware we use daily to sample and test teas.  

Designed in NYC and created in Arita, Japan