Tea Dealers Spouted Matcha Bowl

There have been many iterations of our spouted matcha bowl over the years and each had its own attribute.  We learned something new from each one that we could incorporate into the next creation, and finally, we arrived at our latest version.  A sleek, low-profile bowl with a delicate spout and just wide enough for you to whisk your heart away.  Each one is hand-dipped and available in black or white.  We couldn't have made these with your constant feedback and love for our teaware! Available as a full set with a whisk, sifter, and a can of Sokuchouzan 30g to get you started or stand-alone.

One of the main points we wanted to achieve was to create a functional bowl that still looked and handled like a traditional chawan (matcha bowl). The proportions and details had to be natural so that it wouldn't be confused for a kitchen measuring bowl and the glazes were rich but reserved so that the shape and quality of the porcelain were apparent.  The indentation at the bottom is referred to as chadamari or "matcha pool" and helps to collect the matcha powder to a single point when water is added so that the whisk can disperse it evenly during whisking.  It also helps to create a slight agitation for better frothing without having to scrape the whisk at the bottom of the bowl.  Matcha will froth up picturesque and completely effortless! (Just make sure to sift it first)