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      Iced Tea : Grains Leaves and Sticks

      Iced Tea : Grains Leaves and Sticks

      What we are drinking this Summer of 2020.

      One of our most recent additions to our Tisane menus is a blend of beautiful herbal from Shizuoka, Japan.  For lovers of toasted brown rice or toasted barley, this mix has both and then some!  It is made of a blend of ten special herbs and grains that help you relax and cool your body down. It does have a very small amount of tea in it and therefore it will have caffeine. 

      Our recipe for making this iced tea is quick and easy. 

      What you will need:

      1-2L Boiling water 195F

      10g or 2 tablespoons Grains Leaves and Sticks

      1-2L Pitcher

      Teapot with strainer

      Add the Grains Leaves and Sticks Tisane to the teapot, fill with the boiling water, and let sit for 2mins. 

      Pour into the pitcher and reserve the Tisane. 

      Fill the teapot with boiling water again and repeat this process until your pitcher is filled. 

      Each time, allowing the Tisane to steep for two minutes each so we get all the flavor. 

      You can then pour over a glass of ice and enjoy immediately or put in the fridge and drink within 2-3 days.  

      If you want some more caffeine in this mix, add a tablespoon of Karigane, Houjicha, or Wild Mountain Sunset!