We are a luxury tea and ceramic import and beverage manufacturer specializing in pure unflavored teas and traditional hand made wares.  For over 15 years, we source all of our own teas while maintaining a commitment to quality and enviromentally concious practices. 

We are looking for detail-oriented retail lead who will join our small team at Tea Dealers and work from our East Village store.

You will be the in-house expert in all aspects of Tea Dealers; such as receiving and keeping track of tea inventory and supplies, fulfilling daily wholesale orders, upkeeping the cleanliness of the shop and merchandise, and hospitality. There is a lot of potential for advancement as we continue to grow. We are specifically looking for people that can make a long-term commitment to grow within the company. We welcome anyone dedicated to learning a new craft with a passion for customer service.

Job includes:

Daily wholesale Tea order packing , inventory management, Maintain display (cleaning, dusting etc) and restocking, Packing retail teas. Priority in selling teas to walk in customers.

Work hour: 11am - 6pm. A combination of weekdays and weekends, 2-4 days/week depending on availability. Need to be available at least one day on weekends.

Pay: $17 per hour(and higher depends on experience) + tip 

Please email us with a brief self-introduction, short resume if possible.