Tea Dealers has a singular focus: to bring the finest, highest grade of Tea from Asia to the rest of the world. While there are many great tea companies that make blends we believe our mission is to respect the expertise of the tea farms we work with and not modify the taste of the tea thereby changing their vision and the history of their practice. It is for this reason we offer only pure teas.

Often we work with small farms that offer complex teas that often taste like the area they are from, the other plants that grow around them and the special ways they are processed. Similar to wine, teas can taste “round,” “toasty,” “vegetal,” and any other number of descriptors we can use to convey the way a drink reminds us of other flavors or things. A knowledgeable farm can cultivate fine tea tree with a desired flavor profile that can be as layered as any blend. By presenting these complex teas without intruding on their natural taste we can offer a pure experience that we think is as structured and compelling as any blend available.