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      News — Teatasting fall matcha usucha koicha oolong

      October Tasting Series - Matcha and Oolong

      We will be having our second month of tasting series.  To kick off the beginning of October we will get into some matcha and follow up with oolongs for the second part of them month.  

      Tuesday Oct 6th & 13th

      6pm - 9pm 

      Open tasting, come anytime, and its FREE.

      Matcha Time!!  We will be exploring the world of matcha by understanding the differences between thin and thick tea and the different ways to prepare matcha (traditional and non-traditional).


      Tuesday Oct 20th & 27th

      6pm - 9pm

      Open tasting, come anytime, and its FREE

      Oh so oolong ! (Part 1) The rainy, cold days of fall beckon oolong to be enjoyed.  There is nothing better than sitting at home and going through many infusions of oolong and discovering its complexities with an equally enjoying book.  Oolong is one of the most difficult types of tea to discuss because of the wide variations that exist.  We will try to give a small introduction to this tea and set up a foundation of knowledge for subsequent tastings that will focus on specific varieties and oxidation levels.  There will be some special reserve off the list teas that will be had....