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December Tasting Series Sencha & Matcha pt 2

December Tasting Series Sencha & Matcha pt 2

Here is the tasting calendar for the month of December!  Due to popular demand, we are doing green tea again and matcha.  Of course, we are stepping it up a notch since we have already covered the basics.  Don't worry, if you haven't come in before, we will get you up to speed quickly!  A couple of cups of tea and plenty of caffeine and we'll cover the green tea process in 15 minutes flat.  

Tuesday, Dec 1 & 8(encore)

Sencha part II

We will be cutting down the number of teas tasted and focusing on the brewing methods to draw out the different taste components.  Hot water -vs- Cooler water  

Tuesday, Dec 15 & 22(encore)

Mucho Matcha for the Macho! part II

Ceremonial grades only!  Will demonstrate how to make and what koicha REALLY is.  Please don't ask for a matcha latte, cause you'll be sent to the Matchabar!  When you have good quality matcha, it's rich, sweet, creamy, and delicious.  There really is no need for additives.  Oh and the caffeine levels are sky high!!


All tastings are from 6pm -9pm.  Please come in anytime! 

Atelier TD @ 1 Or 8 Brookyn

66 South 2 St @ Whythe Ave

Brooklyn, NY  11249